Import a RIB archive

  • angellli

    angellli - 2005-09-26

    I'm using VTK to make a 3D scene (containing simulation data) and RIBExporter to save the scene in RIB format.
    Further I want to describe a scene with cgkit, and import a RIB archive, then use my own shader on the imported objects...

    I've looked at the RIBArchive, but it can only import geometrical structures, not a whole scene.

    I'm running OSX Tiger with VTK (from cvs 19 sept 2005), Pixar RenderManProServer-12.0G4, and cgkit1.2

    Any help appreciated!

    • Matthias Baas

      Matthias Baas - 2005-09-26

      You cannot import RIB files using cgkit1. The RIBArchive class is part of cgkit2. This class will simply include an external RIB file which must not contain any frame or world blocks as these are generated by cgkit itself. The shader can then be assigned from within Python (as long as the RIB file doesn't already set a shader itself).

      But if you already have a full RIB file then you can simply pass this entire RIB to PRMan. If you need to replace shaders in this case, you have to check if this really can't already been done with VTK or do a textual replacement after the RIB has been generated.

      I don't know if this was already of any help to you. But to give more specific advice it would be helpful to know how you want to render your scene and what the RIB file created by VTK looks like.

      - Matthias -


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