ImportError: No module named protocols

  • Risky Martin

    Risky Martin - 2006-02-27


    I just get a fresh cgkit2 from CVS, and after what looked like a clean build/install I tried running
    something like:

    ( containing 'Sphere()')...

    unfortunately it dies with:
        from protocols import Interface
    ImportError: No module named protocols

    and there is no 'protocols' in sight (either in the installed bundled, neither in the CVS source tree for cgkit2).

    Anyone with a hint ?


    • Anonymous - 2006-02-27
    • Matthias Baas

      Matthias Baas - 2006-02-28

      You might come across more runtime dependencies besides PyProtocol. They are all mentioned here:

      - Matthias -

    • Risky Martin

      Risky Martin - 2006-03-16

      Thanks Dusty and Matthias.
      (I wanted to send this earlier but SourceForge was
      having problems with post :/ ).

      I did misread the requirements, but
      what about having a little warning for missing
      dependencies at install-time ?



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