toEulerZXY in cgkit

  • Daniel Derrien

    Daniel Derrien - 2009-02-24


    I noticed what seems to be a bug in the toEulerZXY function.

    I 've got a 3x3 matrix:
    (0.422292, -0.829084, -0.366455)
    (0.852765, 0.500438, -0.149511)
    (0.307345, -0.249362, 0.918345)

    When calling toEulerZXY on this matrix I get:
    (-0.25202170398728513, 0.32295594277829603, 1.0277313462226352)
    which is a different result from what I computed myself : (-0.25202170398728513, -0.3229559427782126, 1.0277313462226272) (sign of second member)
    I thought maybe I did a mistake, but when creating a matrix from the value returned by toEulerZXY(using mat3.fromEulerZXY) I get a different matrix from the original one:
    (0.557801, -0.829084, -0.0384439)
    (0.770971, 0.500438, 0.39391)
    (-0.307345, -0.249362, 0.918345)

    Using the values I found get me the good matrix.

    Can anyone confirmed that the bug is from cgkit(or explained me what I missed)


    Daniel Derrien

    • Matthias Baas

      Matthias Baas - 2009-02-24

      That's a known bug in cgkit which is already fixed in the svn version.
      I'm actually planning on doing a new release within the next few weeks. Until then you could check out the version from svn.


      - Matthias -


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