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0.7.1 Release available

I have packaged a release and added it to the file releases. The documentation is available at - still incomplete but should give some useful guidance about how to use write scalable CGI or FastCGI web applications with optional session support.

The interface is quite stable at this point and the 0.7.1 point release should work on both Windows and Linux using Boost 1.42 or above. Any problems, please report them on the cgi-devel mailing list.... read more

Posted by Darren Garvey 2010-05-16

New Docs, better code

I've uploaded a brief update of the docs, just so that they're not miles behind the code.

I've also been working on a Boost.Spirit-based form_parser class for incrementally parsing POST data, session support (using Boost.Interprocess) and on allowing the library to be compiled separately.

As usual, see the Boost SVN Sandbox for current source (or the README in the SVN repo).


Posted by Darren Garvey 2008-08-05

Docs out of date

A caution to the brave: the documentation up on this site now (at\) is very out of date. After a long break for catching up with university work, I've done some work on getting FastCGI support integrated since last week. There is still one issue with regard to dealing with multiplexed requests through each connection (and other bits not done yet), but strangely a fair amount seems to just work - but only on linux for now!... read more

Posted by Darren Garvey 2008-02-12

General Update

Well I managed to move all development back to The experiment with mixing multiple repositories wasn't particularly nice, since cross-repo merging just isn't supported by SVN (or, for that matter But, I have an intact history now so development can continue. Current work is being done 'blind' though (ie. without a compiler) so expect branch work to be particularly unstable. I am trying to keep the trunk stable but again, for the few days at least, that may have obvious issues.

Posted by Darren Garvey 2007-10-20