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CFTestingKit 1.3 released

This new release implements the TestRunner, a user interface to select and run test cases through a web browser.

Posted by Dominique Dutoit 2004-06-12

CFTestingKit 1.2 released

This new release adds support for BlueDragon Server 6.1.

Posted by Dominique Dutoit 2004-05-22

CFTestingKit 1.1 released

CFTestingKit is a framework for testing ColdFusion source code by using test cases and test suites. This new release returns the time in milliseconds to run a test case and can be used for performance regression.

Posted by Dominique Dutoit 2004-04-30

First stable release of CFTestingKit

CFTestingKit is a framework designed for code testing by using test cases and test suites. These test units are written as ColdFusion components tied together in a model very close to the one used by SUnit. Source and examples are available.

Posted by Dominique Dutoit 2004-02-24