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Fixed Asset Extension ver. 0.0.6 release

A new version of the Fixed Asset Extension has just been released. The two major improvements to the FA Extension have been made and many other minor ones.


1.The extension now has support for Compeire version 253b.
2.Compiere Source code is no longer necessary. Users can directly install the FA Extension directly to a pre-compiled Compiere installation. Recompiling Compiere's source code is no longer necessary.... read more

Posted by Rob 2006-05-13

POPI is Renamed and Moved to 2Pack!

With its initial release POPI has been renamed to 2Pack. 2Pack now has its own project which you can find at We felt that a project created to support a fixed asset extension was not the proper home for a packaging system.

Please take a moment to download and try the new packaging system.


Posted by Rob 2006-03-27

Initial Release of Fixed Assets Extension for Compiere

After 2 years in the making we are proud to announce the initial release of a fixed asset extension for Compiere. The extension is in its initial alpha release and supports Compiere versions 252d to 253a.

Features of the fixed asset extension include:

Seamless integration with Compiere's Partner Relations, Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules.

Ability to maintain multiple sets of depreciation books for GAAP, tax and budgeting purposes.... read more

Posted by Rob 2005-12-23