Due to the file size limitations of patches a complete cewolf-0.10.a3 can not be placed as a complete release. Therefore to get the cewolf-0.10.a3 release follow the following steps. 1. Download the cewolf-0.10.a2 unstable release 2. Rename the cewolf-10.a2 directory cewolf-10.a3 3. Download srcChanges.tar and place in the ${ROOT}/cewolf-10.a3 directory. 4. Extract the src file changes tar xvf src.tar { or whatever is appropriate for your OS } 5. Download cewolf.jar and place it in cewolf-10.a3/lib overwritting the old cewolf.jar 6. Remove the following file % rm cewolf-10a3/lib/jfreechart-0.9.11-demo.jar % rm cewolf-10a3/lib/jfreechart-0.9.11.jar % rm cewolf-10a3/lib/jcommon-0.8.6.jar 7. Download the JFreeChart 0.9.16 http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=15494&package_id=12428 8. Extract the files 9. Copies the following files from the JFreeChart release and place in your cewolf-10.a3/lib directory % cp {JFREECHART_ROOT}/lib/jcommon-0.9.1.jar ${ROOT}/cewolf-10.a3/lib % cp {JFREECHART_ROOT}/lib/gnujaxp.jar ${ROOT}/cewolf-10.a3/lib % cp {JFREECHART_ROOT}/jfreechart-0.9.16-demo.jar ${ROOT}/cewolf-10.a3/lib % cp {JFREECHART_ROOT}/jfreechart-0.9.16.jar ${ROOT}/cewolf-10.a3/lib 10. That should be it.