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New version 1.2.3 - small pie chart enhancement

A new boolean attribute "showShadow" for the PieEnhancer chart postprocessor makes it possible to turn off the drop shadow in pie charts. (It was always on until now, and is still shown by default for backwards compatibility). If you don't use pie charts, or are happy with how they look, then you don't need to upgrade.

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2013-05-08

Updates since cewolf 1.1.6

The library does get improved continually, by now we're up to version 1.2.1. Notable changes since 1.1.6 include: Java 5 is now required (which should not be an obstacle to anyone at this point), new chart types heatmap and wafermap have been added (both of which are shown in action in the example web app), there are a couple of new (or newly enhanced) postprocessors, and various bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2013-02-09

cewolf 1.1.6 released

The following fixes and pacthes have been applied since the release of cewolf 1.1.1:

- Fixed the 'background' attribute for charts. It must have been broken for a while - is nobody using background images?
- Fixed a denial of service attack on the JVM heap. Image sizes are now limited to 2048 pixels wide and 1024 pixels tall.
If you need to create larger images, set servlet init parameters "maxImageWidth" and/or "maxImageHeight" with
larger pixel values in the web.xml file. Thanks to the folks at websecurity.com.ua for the heads-up.
- Jonathon Striley contributed a patch to enable support for conditional use of <cewolf:param> inside of <c:if> tags:
<c:if test="${1 == 1}">
<cewolf:param name="useOutlinePaint" value="true"/>
<cewolf:param name="outlinePaint" value="#FFFFFF"/>
- The BarRenderer postprocessor has a new attribute itemLabelSize for setting the font size of item labels.
- Fixed a bug that caused verticalxybar charts always to have a DateAxis as the X axis; now it depends on the dataset.
- Added an example of bubble charts to the "Cewolf Set" page in the example web app.
- The PieEnhancer postprocessor can now be used to turn off PiePlot labels altogether (set showSectionLabels to false).

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2011-03-25

Cewolf 1.1.1 released

This release fixes a couple of bugs and cleans up the code in some spots. If you haven't encountered any exceptions while using cewolf, then most likely you don't need to upgrade. Here's the list of changes:

- removed all -Xlint compilation warnings, and incorporated a handful of FindBugs suggestions
- use ImageIO instead of java.awt.Toolkit to load images
- use ImageIO instead of com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package
- turn off ImageIO disk cache (usage of which may be prevented by security settings)
- fixed a bug in the MovingAverageDatasetProducer that would manifest itself in the Complex Charts/Overlaid 2 example

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2010-08-12

Cewolf 1.1 released

After more than 4 years, there's finally a new cewolf release! It's based on the various "cewolf-1.1-ulf" releases that have been available from my web site at www.ulfdittmer.com, and incorporates lots of bug fixes and enhancements over 1.0, both from myself and numerous other contributors. The release notes has all the details, but the big issues are:

- All Cewolf objects are Serializable - there'll be no more exceptions when they're put into sessions.
- A lot of new postprocessors have been added, so if certain charts don't quite look the way you'd like them, check out the de.laures.cewolf.cpp package - it contains numerous classes that tinker with charts. There's even one that puts annotations (labels and arrows pointing to specific data points) on the chart.
- Several new chart types are available: spline, spiderweb, dial, compass, thermometer, stackedhorizontalbar3d
- The JSP expression language (EL) can now be used for parameter values - scriptlets are no longer necessary.
- Lots of bug fixes, performance and HTML improvements, and additional attributes for setting chart options.... read more

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2010-07-15

Cewolf 1.0 Released

Cewolf 1.0 supports JFC 1.0.0 Final

Posted by Brian Fox 2006-01-01

Cewolf on Ibiblio

Cewolf is now on Ibiblio at:

To use this in a maven project add this to your dependancies:

Note, at this time jfc 1.0.0-rc1 is not hosted so will need to be manually placed into your repository. I'll be trying to change that shortly.

Posted by Brian Fox 2005-10-13

JFC 1.0.0-RC1 Support

Cewolf 0.12.0 now supports JFC 1.0.0-RC1.

Posted by Brian Fox 2005-10-10

JFC 1.0Pre2 support released!

Cewolf 0.11.0 supports JFC 1.0Pre2. Please see release notes for information.

Posted by Brian Fox 2005-05-17

0.10.1 released

0.10.1 has been released and represents the first official release in a LONG time. JfreeChart .9.21 is now supported as well as lots of bug fixes since Cewolf .9.8

Posted by Brian Fox 2005-01-07

New Admin

CeWolf has undergone an administration change and new development will begin shortly once I get my bearings.

Posted by Brian Fox 2004-07-27

Cewolf opened to the public

To whom it my concern,

after some months of no contributions to the Cewolf projects I decided to open the project to all you guys who have been working on it for a long time without the option to contribute code.
Please contact Guido Laures (or Brian Fox if he agrees with his new role of the project admin) to get added to the project as a developer.

Thanks for all the helb and work during the last 2 years.... read more

Posted by Guido Laures 2004-07-27

Cewolf 0.9.8 released

- fixed Bug #806629 (NullPointerException in ChartImagTag)

Posted by Guido Laures 2003-09-15

Cewolf 0.9.7 released

This is a consolidating release with a few bug fixes and compatibility issues for Servlet API 2.2.
Reports on successful deployments on certain servlet containers would be helpful (esp. OC4J!).


Posted by Guido Laures 2003-08-27

Cewolf 0.9.4 released

- fixed ConfigurationException when providing no param for CewolfServlet

Posted by Guido Laures 2003-08-13

Cewolf 0.9.3 released

- pluggable storage concept for chart images improved
- fixed large memory consumptions
- fixed another caching bug

Posted by Guido Laures 2003-07-06

Cewolf 0.9.2 released

- pluggable storage concept for chart images
- fixed another caching bug

Posted by Guido Laures 2003-07-03

Cewolf 0.9.1 released

- changed <combined-chart> to <combinedchart> to support JSP 1.1
- changed <overlaid-chart> to <overlaidchart> to support JSP 1.1
- added var attribute to <imgurl> to expose URL as page attribute
- fixed wrong mimetype in testpage.jsp for SVG


Posted by Guido Laures 2003-06-28

Cewolf 0.9 released

The leading open source tag library for web based charts has just released a new milestone build.
Besides many bugfixes Cewolf is now able to handle combined and overlaid charts.
Have fun.
The Cewolf Development Team

Posted by Guido Laures 2003-06-21

First Beta of Cewolf 0.9 released

If you did not switch to 0.9 yet you should do it now. The development team (exp. Tim Bradzil) did spent lot of effort in introducing complex charts into Cewolf.
Try it!


Posted by Guido Laures 2003-06-09

Cewolf 0.9.alpha8 released

Having trouble with sourceforge relaes system.
Please find the newest release under http://www.laures.de/cewolf.


Posted by Guido Laures 2003-05-25

Cewolf 0.8.9

Bug fixing release.

Posted by Guido Laures 2003-05-05


Since estimation of the Cewolf project in the middle of 2002 there have been more than 10.000 downloads of Cewolf related files so far.
Thanks to the community for the great feedback. This should be motiviation enough to make Cewolf even better than it is today.


Posted by Guido Laures 2003-01-30

Cewolf 0.8.7 released

This new release of the chart JSP taglib is bundled with the brandnew JFreeChart 0.9.4.

Posted by Guido Laures 2002-11-25

Cewolf 0.8.4 released

This upgrade release of the taglibrary for charts runs now on resin-2.1.5

Posted by Guido Laures 2002-11-03