cewolf 1.1.6 released

The following fixes and pacthes have been applied since the release of cewolf 1.1.1:

- Fixed the 'background' attribute for charts. It must have been broken for a while - is nobody using background images?
- Fixed a denial of service attack on the JVM heap. Image sizes are now limited to 2048 pixels wide and 1024 pixels tall.
If you need to create larger images, set servlet init parameters "maxImageWidth" and/or "maxImageHeight" with
larger pixel values in the web.xml file. Thanks to the folks at websecurity.com.ua for the heads-up.
- Jonathon Striley contributed a patch to enable support for conditional use of <cewolf:param> inside of <c:if> tags:
<c:if test="${1 == 1}">
<cewolf:param name="useOutlinePaint" value="true"/>
<cewolf:param name="outlinePaint" value="#FFFFFF"/>
- The BarRenderer postprocessor has a new attribute itemLabelSize for setting the font size of item labels.
- Fixed a bug that caused verticalxybar charts always to have a DateAxis as the X axis; now it depends on the dataset.
- Added an example of bubble charts to the "Cewolf Set" page in the example web app.
- The PieEnhancer postprocessor can now be used to turn off PiePlot labels altogether (set showSectionLabels to false).

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2011-03-25

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