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let me first applaud a very useful tag library.

We are using it to render several of the built-in
JFreeChart charts, but have also added some of our own
(org.chart and radar chart). These have been offered to
the JFreeChart team, but not accepted.

Due to the way cewolf creates the charts, we must
implement our own handling of this to be able to add
chart types. I would really like to see cewolf more
pluggable, so everyone could more easily add their own
chart renderers. This basically mean rewriting
CewolfChartFactory. Right now, it uses JFreeChart's
ChartFactory, which limits one to the charts defined in
JFreeChart. In addition, it handles its own set of
charts, which creates a further limitation.

I'd be happy to contribute to this change if you're
interested, just let me know.



  • Kristina Tripp

    Kristina Tripp - 2003-11-20

    Logged In: YES

    I also had a need for this functionality. But not for
    custom charts that I have created but rather to create my
    own JFreeChart instance that I can override the
    getLengendItems() method. This is currently the only way
    that you can add items to the legend in JFreeChart.

    - Kristina

  • Brian Fox

    Brian Fox - 2005-02-23
    • status: open --> closed

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