Simple Question : chartpostprocessor?

Joel Tian
  • Joel Tian

    Joel Tian - 2003-09-11

    Can anyone tell me what is a chartpostprocessor, what is it used for?


    • Thomas Li

      Thomas Li - 2003-09-17

      Cewolf have fixed the look and feel of the graph and
      it provides you chartpostprocessor to modify the attributes (color, vertical label , transparency, etc ) using JFreeChart API.

    • Anonymous - 2003-11-11

      Any sample examples available for using ChartProcesser?

    • Kristina Tripp

      Kristina Tripp - 2003-11-14

      Look at processChart() in cewolfset_inc.jsp file in {cewolfRoot}/example and {cewolfRoot}/src/de/laures/cewolf/example/

      You should also find some examples in this forum.  Try searching for processChart().

      - Kristina

      • Marty

        Marty - 2007-05-10

        Maybe a dumb question, hwoever I need to ask it, where may I download the source for the examples? You refer to {cewolfRoot}/src/de/laures/cewolf/example/ however, I only have the compiled (.class) files with the examples WAR file?



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