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ToolTip Generator thru CeWolf

  • Priti Ranka

    Priti Ranka - 2002-12-30


    I want to know how to generate Tool Tips thru cewolf.

    Any help on this is truly appreciated.


    • Priti Ranka

      Priti Ranka - 2002-12-31

      I read the tutorial carefully and I've benefitted from it.
      My requirement is that no link should be generated.
      I need only tooltip giving me exact x and y valuies when I move mouse on specific plotted item.

      I read Tag Library and API JavaDoc and inferred that inorder to have tooltip it is necessary to implement LinkGenerator.

      I don't need this. Can anyone help me ?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Michael Greer

      Michael Greer - 2003-01-13

      You can get away with not implementing LinkGenerator.  Try it.

    • Rebeca

      Rebeca - 2007-02-08

      How do you solve this? I have the same problem!


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