Yarra - 2007-02-08

I have small problem in chart generation of verticalxy bar chart.
i am using the verticalxy bar chart, i have data for one day i.e 1st jan-2007.
When the chart was observed the following issues were found:
1)X axis did not the show the date scaling i.e.1-jan-2007 for which data is being displayed.
2)Since data is being shown only for one day, the width of the vertical bar
i am also tried in cewolfexample-1.0.war,here i modified in cewolfset_inc.jsp verticalxy bar chart data set preparation like
DatasetProducer timeData = new DatasetProducer() {
    public Object produceDataset(Map params) {
      //TimeSeries ts = new TimeSeries("Cewolf Release Schedule", Month.class);
      //ts.add(new Month(10, 2002), 1.0);
       XYSeriesCollection xySeriesColllection = new XYSeriesCollection();
        XYSeries series = new XYSeries("hello");
        series.add(1072916700000l, 624.0);
      return xySeriesColllection;
i was observed same issue here also.This problem was coming one data if we should add  more one then this problem was not coming.

With Regards