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how to get sessionkey

  • humairm

    humairm - 2006-02-18

    I am generating multiple charts using multiple tags and a post processor using TransientSessionStorage manager. Obviously these are ChartImage objects that get sored in the session.

    Each of the charts are images with the following URL (for example):


    where 1549183176 happens to be the session key as well as the value of the image get parameter. What I want to do is get the ChartImage stored in the session using session.getAttribute(cid) the problem is I dont know how to get the cid on the JSP page? It would be nice if the sessionKey is the id attribute of the cewolf:map tag insted of a random number (1549183176) since there is no way to get the number directly.

    Am I making any sense?

    • Brian Fox

      Brian Fox - 2006-02-18

      The id is retreived from the serialize method. Using the transient session storage, there is no way to retreive the number, and the ids stick around in session memory until the session is terminated. If you look at the long term session storage, you can see a way to implement another storage object. You could create a new one that could return you the id somehow. 

    • humairm

      humairm - 2006-02-18

      How about extracting the entire image URL? Is there any way to do that. What I am trying to do is once the charts are generated on my JSP page I want to grab their URL's and embed them into an XML file.

      • Brian Fox

        Brian Fox - 2006-02-19

        you could take a look at the img tag and maybe implement a new tag to get what you want.


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