overlaidchart with bars and line

  • madPhysic

    madPhysic - 2006-07-04

    I try to generate a overlaid chart with 2 xyverticalbars and one xyline over a time line (months). But the 2 bars are always one over the other. I can only control the margin of the bars but not the relative position within the intervall. How can I solve this problem.

    • Rachel

      Rachel - 2007-01-24

      Please provide the code example and the html example.  We need to see what you are doing.  Thanks.

    • jgionta

      jgionta - 2007-05-02

      I am looking to do a similar thing to madPhysic.  I am using the ART tool which relies on cewolf and I would like to create overlaid graphs(I think this would be a highly useful addition to art).  I am trying to create a trend line overlaid on a bar graph.  This seems possible with cewolf/jfreechart, but I am just begginning to learn both.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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