coloring bar chart

  • Anonymous - 2003-10-24

    i would like to put a specific color on one and only one bar of my bar chart which contains only one serie.  is it possible? i have found a lot of examples allowing to color a complete serie but this is not what i am trying to do.

    thanks a lot


    • Gvijayar

      Gvijayar - 2005-02-13

      You will have to extend the BarRenderer and use that class to modify the color of the bars.

    • Travis Reeder

      Travis Reeder - 2005-06-21

      How do you change the BarRenderrer?

    • BKA

      BKA - 2005-11-09

      public class ExtendedStackedXYBarRenderer extends StackedXYBarRenderer
        /** Farben fr die Items */
        private Paint[][]         paintArray           = null;

        /** Sollen die Farben der einzelnen Items genutzt werden? */
        private boolean           isPaintArray         = false;

        public void setItemPaint(Paint paint, int row, int column)
          this.paintArray[row][column] = paint;

        public Paint getItemPaint(int row, int column)
          Paint returnPaint = null;

          if (this.isPaintArray)
            returnPaint = this.paintArray[row][column];
            returnPaint = super.getItemPaint(row, column);
          return returnPaint;



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