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Pie3D colors

  • YasuDevil

    YasuDevil - 2007-02-23

    How do i change the colors that appear in the pie3d chart?

    I've searched here but but the post that i found seens to be outdated.

    • Rachel

      Rachel - 2007-02-23

      This is a little snippet of how to do it. There may be more examples on the JFreeChart site www.Jfree.Org.  JFreeChart was used with CEWOLF for chart development.  CEWOLF provides the tags, JFreeChart provides the chart part.

      PiePlot plot = (PiePlot) chart.getPlot();
      plot.setSectionPaint(0,new Color(200,255,255));
      plot.setSectionPaint(1,new Color(200,200,255));

    • YasuDevil

      YasuDevil - 2007-02-28


      Thanks a lot.


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