PraDz - 2007-04-12

dear techies

i have my own framework developed, j2ee application which needs a chart to be plotted. basically its a web based chart page. i am using cewolf which has servlets tat create the image object using taglib. i need Horizontal Stack bar chart where in the code is something like

<cewolf:chart id="stackedHorizontalBar" type="stackedHorizontalBar" xaxislabel="Machine" yaxislabel="Start / Stop" showlegend="false">
        <cewolf:producer id="categoryData" />
    <cewolf:chartpostprocessor id="dataColor">
        <cewolf:param name="0" value='#FF0000" %>'/>
     <cewolf:param name="1" value='#4C994C" %>'/>
<cewolf:img chartid="stackedHorizontalBar" renderer="/cewolf" width="800" height="450"/>

i have an array for the data producer also which is been passed to the taglib [categoryData].

so my application will to the controller and then jsp page is generated and an image object is created. but i need to  forward it to the servlet which will render the image in the page. but how to do that. suggestion welcome

i am not very much clear on how the servlet gets executed in the cewolf example.

my application has a controller servlet which is been executed on every request. so how do we implement the code that will have my controller and do the respective functionalities.