How to control colors/tooltip/hyperlink ?

  • dheeraj

    dheeraj - 2005-07-27

    I am right now analyzing this Cewolf tool and analyzing if it suits the project needs which I will be working on in near future.

    I have few queries w.r.t to Cewolf 

    1.I want to have tool tip on each bar/line in a bar/line graph, is it possible?

    2.I want to have hyperlinks to each bar/line in a bar/line graph, is it possible?

    3.How to control the colors of the bar/line in bar/line graph?

    An early response will be highly appreciated.

    • Brian Fox

      Brian Fox - 2005-07-27

      All of those things are possible. Take a look at the tutorial and the example.war

    • dheeraj

      dheeraj - 2005-08-01

      Hello Brian Fox

      I have downloaded the following zip file -

      I couldn't find any related examples though I am able to run the same. I got some tutorial but not the answers to the queries I was looking for.

      Have I donwloaded the wrong war file? If yes, kindly tell me where to get the examples war file from?


    • blippy

      blippy - 2006-08-22

      Anyone have a link to the locatioin of the tutorial now?  SF seems to have changed everything, instead of it's and an appended /tutorial  or a /new/tutorial seem to bring up nothing.

      The link for the homepage does not seem to be working either ""

    • jgionta

      jgionta - 2007-05-02

      I am also looking for similar information.  I would like to change the colors of the bars in a bar graph.  I am using the ART tool to generate graphs (  This project uses cewolf tag lib to render the graphs. 
      After looking at the documentation I was able to find a few things.  In the taglib tutorial there is a node called <color>  which claims to change the color of the parent node.  I don't quite know if this is what I am looking for since I want to change the set of colors used to fill in the bars.  Does anyone know how this might work?  The only other color related things in the api I found were ColorHelper and another class or two mentioning color.

    • jgionta

      jgionta - 2007-05-02

      I may have found the answer to changing colors in JFreeChart, there is a method called SetSeriesPaint that seems to do the trick.  Is the ability to change the set of colors already built into cewolf?


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