How can i Change a Graph changing a Spinner

  • Juliano Ribeiro

    Juliano Ribeiro - 2006-09-03

    HI . In my age i have a Spinner and i would like that for each option of the spinner a would like diferent graph on my page.

    This is possible with CEWOLF!?

    THere is a way to change the graph... loading the JAVA file ( that generate the graph) again and changing the data of the graph, witout reload the page!?



    ps: sorry for my english

    • Zoltan Luspai

      Zoltan Luspai - 2006-09-04


      Cewolf itself does not support any ajax operations, either you could do it yourself, or use a library like AjaxAnywhere:
      If you do it yourself, just put each graph in a <div> section which all would be invisible by default (use display:none css tag for that). Then when the 'spinner' changes hide the last div and show the new. The obvious disadvantage is that the  graphs are static in the sense that they are not regenerated when the spinner changes.
      So the AjaxAnywhere library might be better solution; you can save yourself the javascript coding; also it -seems- to be able to regenerate the chart on the part change.


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