RenderedImage not Serializable

  • Andreas Prlic

    Andreas Prlic - 2006-09-06


    I am running cewolf 1.0 under Resin and in the logs it complains: de.laurens.cewolf.util.RenderedImage

    Despite this exception it works fine if it is run in a setup involving only one machine, but on our release webservers when being in a clustered environment, the image is not being displayed ...

    I guess there is a connection between these two things. I tried to set usecache to false, but it does not help. Any ideas?


    • Zoltan Luspai

      Zoltan Luspai - 2006-09-06


      Did you try to use ClusterableSessionStorage ? That is storing the image in the session; should get replicated through the cluster.

      That's done with the init parameter:
              <param-name>storage</param-name>    <param-value></param-value>

      The reason for this is that the cewolf has to store somewhere the image (or its definition), because the browser will do two requests; 1st for the html page, which creates/saves the image or its definition in the "storage", and the second which pulls the renderer for the image content itself. (off: this makes the rendering lazy, it's only done when really necessary). Not all the storage implementations are cluster safe, the one I mentioned should be...


      • Andreas Prlic

        Andreas Prlic - 2006-09-07

        This fixed the problem, Thanks!


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