tonta_enzo - 2006-09-28

I am trying to pass parameter in as below, but I am getting a null pointer exception as it is not populating the bean.  Can anyone identify the problem?  Thanks.

double [] data = {16.8, 24.7, 34.6, 11.4, 22.5};

<jsp:useBean id="chartModel" class="com.stockdynamo.server.dataobject.WebChartData"/>
    title="Chart Model"
    xaxislabel="X label"
    yaxislabel="Y label">
        <cewolf:producer id="chartModel">
        <cewolf:param name="chartData" value='<%= (Serializable)data%>' />
<cewolf:img chartid="timeChart" renderer="cewolf" width="400" height="300"/>