davidlg - 2007-04-02


I'm using cewolf 1.1 with the libraries which accompany the sample project.

My problem is that the dataset is produced again for a new chart even when the parameters haven't changed at all.

It seems that cewolf does detect it should use the cache as you can see in the log:

DEBUG - checking data actuality...meteo.grafica.productores.Productor2@4f0853, {fecha=26/03/2007 00:00, campo=TM_VelViento, de.laures.cewolf.DatasetProducer.id=GraficaDias, em=Z_EM_01_01}
DEBUG - GraficaDias, -1457755334
DEBUG - useCache = true
DEBUG - data key is -1457755334 producerId=GraficaDias
DEBUG - data key is -1457755334 producerId=GraficaDias
DEBUG - cached data available.
DEBUG - cached data is still valid.
DEBUG - storing chart de.laures.cewolf.taglib.ChartImageDefinition@1b8b3bb

But, for whatever the reason, a new Dataset is being populated afterwards:
DEBUG - getting data..
DEBUG - producing new dataset for GraficaDias
DEBUG - add entry: GraficaDias
DEBUG - data key is 1279335101 producerId=GraficaDias
DEBUG - rendering de.laures.cewolf.taglib.ChartImageDefinition@160e069
DEBUG - de.laures.cewolf.taglib.ChartImageDefinition@159d87f finalized.
DEBUG - de.laures.cewolf.taglib.ChartImageDefinition@dfbb43 finalized.
INFO - CewolfServlet: creation time for chart -644446000: 92312ms.

So what's the problem? (I'm sure that  produceDataset is being invoked as I'm logging the method and the database access).

My "hasExpired" method always returns false and the producer tag takes usecache="true" and I can't find anything in the webxml that could be disabling the cache (it is the config file from the cewolf example.
Any help?
I noticed that the JsessionID parameter in the <img> tag changes between each call, but it shouldn't be related to it, is it ?