cewolf duplicates error

  • Alan

    Alan - 2009-12-16

    I'm getting the below error when running the below cewolf code in my jsp.  How do I incorporate the addOrUpdate() method?

    org.jfree.data.general.SeriesException: You are attempting to add an observation for the time period Mon Sep 24 10:36:00 PDT 2001 but the series already contains an observation for that time period. Duplicates are not permitted.  Try using the addOrUpdate() method.

    <cewolf:combinedchart id="line" layout="vertical" type="combinedxy" title="Lab Trend - ${testName}" xaxislabel="Year" yaxislabel="${unit}">
         <cewolf:plot type="xyline" yaxislabel="${unit}">
             <cewolf:producer id="trendChart">
             <cewolf:param name="cacheSecond" value="${10}"/>
             <cewolf:param name="dataSource" value="${trend}"/>
             <cewolf:param name="testName" value="${testName}"/>
             <cewolf:param name="dateColumn" value="${dateColumn}"/>
             <cewolf:param name="valueColumn" value="${valueColumn}"/>
       <cewolf:img chartid="line" renderer="cewolf" width="475" height="300">
         <cewolf:map linkgeneratorid="trendChart" tooltipgeneratorid="trendChart"/>

  • Alan

    Alan - 2009-12-23

    Replaced add() method with addOrUpdate() method, and works fine now.


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