vinz_fr - 2006-12-22


I've been surprised to find out that the content of the jsp is different depending on whether one use Firefox or IE. Indeed in ChartMagTag, we have this line :

final boolean isIE = BrowserDetection.isIE((HttpServletRequest) pageContext.getRequest());
which generates a map using alt attributes in IE, and a map using overlib with other browsers. It puzzled me for a while that tooltip weren't the same in IE and FF. In my point of view, the main problem was that when using alt attributes, there's a one-second delay before it shows, and that's a problem. So I removed the line and set isIE to false, so that the generated code is the same, and it works great with IE6.

Can somebody explain to me why it's necessary to have this distinction ? is it because former IE version weren't handling correctly overlib ? I think it would be great if it was possible for the developper to choose, instead of forcing the use of alt attribute with IE.

Thanks in advance