Fabio RAM - 2006-08-18


I developed the tutorial line chart with one difference. I haven't categories and series variables like this:
private final String[] categories = {"mon", "tue", "wen", "thu", "fri", "sat", "sun"};
private final String[] seriesNames = {"cewolfset.jsp", "tutorial.jsp", "testpage.jsp", "performancetest.jsp"};

dataset.addValue(y, seriesNames[series], categories[i]);

but i have some like this:
private final String seriesNames = "parametros_performance.jsp"; 

dataset.addValue(new Double(rs.getString(2)), seriesNames, new Double (rs.getString(3)));

,where rs.get_string(3) it's a date (dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss) that i receive from query and rs.getString(2) is a value in seconds.

I execute query and i have values normally in there. My code compiles and i have my graph on browser without Xaxis values, Yaxis is imcomplete (in fact Y values appears like 1.5 where i should have 150 and the interval between Y values is very small and i can get Y values between 1 and 150) and i haven't any line. Graphs appears wrong.

Can be the type of graph , in this case line chart and line chart doesn't support information like date on Xaxis?
Can be that i have much values (60 for Xaxis and 60 for Yaxis) to plot on 500x600 graph?

I need to make it works!

I'm desperate with this...

Best Regards
Fabio Ram