Need a Cewolf Version for Java SE 1.3

  • Texugo

    Texugo - 2006-08-11

    I'm using Cewolf for the first time and I was able to make a line chart but when I'm trying to make a Bars Chart cewolf returns me an error for java.awt.Color, that doesn't fing Color.BLACK. This Happends because I'm using Java SE 1.3 and this release of java doesn't have this property. Only for Java SE 1.4 is available.

    Does anyone have a older version of cewolf that works with Java SE 1.3.


    If some one has already this error can share with me how you solve it.


    • y_masa

      y_masa - 2006-08-21

      Old JDK only has
      It wolud be nice to replace Color.BLACK to and re-compile cewolf.


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