Corrupted Charts when using Apache2 + Tomcat

  • Anonymous - 2006-07-10


    has anyone used Cewolf on a Tomcat, that passes its data (as a worker via AJP) to an Apache HHTP server using mod_jk?

    We are experiencing weird problems when trying to use Cewolf charts in this configuration. The funny thing is, when talking to Tomcat directly over Port 8080 it works perfectly.

    I just wan't to know if I'm the only one with this problem.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Zoltan Luspai

      Zoltan Luspai - 2006-07-10


      I've not used in this configuration yet, but possibly the problem is that Cewolf uses a special url for accessing the generated images. This apache mod_jk should be configuret to proxy that url too (to the tomcat engine), not only your jsp pages.
      This url typically looks like:

      So look at your image urls, and try mapping them...

    • Anonymous - 2006-07-10


      mod_jk passes the URL to the servlet. I can use "wget" to get the image, but resulting image is corrupt (half of the data is PNG, the other half is environmental data of the apache2). The file size of the corrupt image is correct, and - using IrfanView - the corrupt image can be shown.

      Due to this corrupt image file mod_jk afterwards keeps passing weird data to the browser, corrupting each following call to Tomcat.

      I'm quite sure the URL is - though looking fancy - not the problem. The connector seems to handle it.

      I know this is most probably not a Cewolf problem, but maybe someone has experienced the same problems (in this case I could assume it's not a problem with my server configuration), or someone also uses mod_jk but it works (in this case I'm curious about the configuration).

    • Anonymous - 2006-07-12

      Just to let the public know:
      After a very interesting dialog with some Tomcat developers here's the reason:
      My problem was a bug in Tomcat, that was fixed in the release 5.5.16.

      Thanks to the few people who read/will be reading this message for being curiuos :)



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