tomcat-6.0.18 - request values not passed

Joe E
  • Joe E

    Joe E - 2009-02-05

    This does not work:
    <cewolf:img chartid="line" renderer="../cewolf" width="475" height="300">
    The debug log shows no 'actual request values'

    This does work to display a chart, but I hard coded a previous chart number:
    <cewolf:img chartid="line" renderer="../cewolf/?img=-459950955&amp;" width="475" height="300">
    I get the following 'actual request values':
    width Value -> 475
    iehack Value -> .png
    ;jsessionid Value -> C32C4B83CE52F416A607667A04265CF2?img=-459950955
    img Value -> -1892521924
    height Value -> 300

    How do I get the cewolf URL to work correctly?

    • Ulf Dittmer

      Ulf Dittmer - 2009-02-05

      Juts to be absolutely sure: you do have a "<cewolf:chart id="line" ... >" tag before the "<cewolf:img chartid="line" ..." tag, right?

      • Joe E

        Joe E - 2009-02-05

        The cewolf tags do work for us in resin 3.0 and tomcat 5.5.

        We do have the cewolf:combinedchart tag:
               <cewolf:combinedchart id="line" layout="vertical" type="combinedxy" title="Lab Trend - ${testName}" xaxislabel="Year" yaxislabel="${unit}">
                       <cewolf:plot type="xyline" yaxislabel="${unit}">
                             <cewolf:producer id="trendChart" usecache="false">
                                 <cewolf:param name="cacheSecond" value="${10}"/>
                                 <cewolf:param name="dataSource" value="${trend}"/>
                                 <cewolf:param name="testName" value="${testName}"/>
                                 <cewolf:param name="dateColumn" value="${dateColumn}"/>
                                 <cewolf:param name="valueColumn" value="${valueColumn}"/>
              <cewolf:img chartid="line" renderer="../cewolf" width="475" height="300">
                 <cewolf:map linkgeneratorid="trendChart" tooltipgeneratorid="trendChart"/>


        • Ulf Dittmer

          Ulf Dittmer - 2009-02-06

          I just checked that the combined chart tests of the cewolfexample web app that ships with cewolf run fine of Tomcat 6. Does that work on Tomcat 6 for you?

          Are you using the stock cewolf version 1.1, or the improved one from my web site ( ? If the former, then try the latter; it's improved in many ways.

          • Joe E

            Joe E - 2009-02-06

            We are using cewolf-1.0, January 1, 2006 from

            I got it to work by changing the img src URL.
            I could not set forceSessionId='false'. I don't see that attribute in the taglib. The ';' was causing the rest of the parameters to be ignored by tomcat.

            >       if ( url.toString().indexOf(SESSIONID_KEY) == -1 )
            >       {
            >               if (forceSessionId)
            >               {
            >                         final String sessionId = pageContext.getSession().getId();
            >                         url.append(";" + SESSIONID_KEY + "=" + sessionId);                   
            >               }
            >       }
            <       if ( url.toString().indexOf(SESSIONID_KEY) == -1 )
            <       {
            <               if (forceSessionId)
            <               {
            <                         final String sessionId = pageContext.getSession().getId();
            <                         url.append(AMPERSAND + SESSIONID_KEY + "=" + sessionId);                     
            <               }
            <       }

            I just tried cewolf-1.1-ulf.jar and got the following error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
            org/jfree/chart/plot/dial/DialPlot. Looks like I'll have to update jfree + maybe some other libraries to use the newer cewolf build.


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