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  • Marco

    Marco - 2006-01-19

    I've installed cewolf following the tutorial, but I noticed that the .tld files in the cewolf.jar ar not in META-INF dir, so they can't be automatically lokked up. I suggest to simply move them in META-INF dir, so that i can use <%@ taglib uri="http://cewolf.sourceforge.net/taglib/cewolf.tld" prefix="cewolf" %> as stated in the tutorial without copying the .tld in WEB-INF.

    • Brian Fox

      Brian Fox - 2006-01-19

      There is a help ticket on this, I've just been real short on time to make the fix. I'll try to get to it this weekend.

      • ahjiang

        ahjiang - 2006-07-07

        I try putting the TLDs into the META-INF dir..how come im still unable to use <%@taglib uri="http://cewolf.sourceforge.net/taglib/cewolf.tld" prefix="cewolf"%>

        any ideaS?


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