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  • Martin Höller

    Martin Höller - 2007-04-12


    I'm using cewolf for a while now and in general I'm quite happy with it. However, there are some bugs that have been reported in the forum and/or patches-/bugs-tracker and other that have not yet been reported. My questions are:

    - Is anyone (Bryan?) still maintaining cewolf?
    - Is there a chance to get a new version (bugfix version) of cewolf out somewhen in the near future?

    - martin

    • Guido Laures

      Guido Laures - 2007-08-01

      Hi Martin,

      I started the Cewoöf project years ago when I was not as heavily involved in my job as I am now. Thus, I passed the project lead over to Brian as he was very active in the forum.
      I now get from your post that the project seems to lack active maintenence currently. Are there any other forum readers that have this impression?


      • Brian Fox

        Brian Fox - 2007-08-04

        Actually the other reason I kind of slid away from cewolf was that the SF tools are a hassle. It was nice to get svn finally, but publishing releases and the bug tracking leaves much to be desired. If we had access to push releases to a Maven repo that could be synched to repo1.maven.org and a nice bug tracking system, I would be able to spend less time and still apply patches and make releases.

    • Brian Fox

      Brian Fox - 2007-08-04

      I'm still around, but haven't done any active development in quite some time. There were a few other developers helping out, but I haven't seen them around for a while either. Unfortunately, the version of cewolf I'm using is very stable and the product is in maintenance mode, so I'm not actively using the newer versions anymore. My OSS time has been mostly directed towards the Apache Maven project where I'm on the PMC. If someone wants to step up and start doing development again on Cewolf, I would definitely support that.

      The biggest trouble I had in the past was keeping up with the JFC api changes. I don't know if they have stabilized recently or not.

    • Harsha

      Harsha - 2007-12-01

      Hi Brian, Laures,
          I have been using cewolf all this time and I do think you guys have done great work. I understand you have moved on or don't have much time for this. I have a request. It is 2 years since the last build was put out and java 1.5 has been released since and so tomcat newer versions. the build in sourceforge is not compatible with java 1.5 unfortunately. If not any new features, it would be a great favor to everybody using cewolf if you guys could just upgrade cewolf to work with java 1.5
          The rest of my code is in 1.5 and I am having use 1.4 and older versions of tomcat just because of cewolf. I would really appreciate your help


      • Matt Krevs

        Matt Krevs - 2007-12-01

        cewolf works fine for in in java 1.5

        perhaps you could post details regarding what problems you are having?

        • Brian Fox

          Brian Fox - 2007-12-02

          He probably means tomcat 5.5, which IIRC uses a new servlet container. It's not really a java issue, but Tomcat 5.5 requires 1.5 I think. I definately won't have time to deal with this before the new year, but if someone can make a patch, I will do my best.

          • Matt Krevs

            Matt Krevs - 2007-12-02

            I'm using cewolf in that very environment.

            JDK 1.5 and Tomcat 5.5.20

    • Stephen Davies

      Stephen Davies - 2007-12-09


      I have just started looking at CeWolf as a way to minimise the coding effort in adding jfreechart (meter, wind and thermometer) plots to web pages.

      The download from SF did not work with Tomcat 5.5.12 so I set out to rebuild it from source.

      I updated all of the dependencies (including jfreechart 1.0.8) and in particular, added jsp-api.jar to the classpath and now have a working CeWolf tag library.

      I don't really understand how Maven works but I had to manually download and install quite a number of jars because Maven gave up. For example, I had to do this for all of the batik jars and could not find a way to tell Maven that jmx is now in SDK 1.5/1.6.

      My questions now are how to add support for thermometer plots and how to set the many and various attributes of meter, wind and thermometer plots with CeWolf tags.

      I have added "thermometer" to the list of valid types but cannot see where the attribute stuff 
      fits in.

      I am very busy with work stuff too but would be willing to try and help with a current release of CeWolf in return for help with the above questions.

      Stephen Davies

    • Stephen Davies

      Stephen Davies - 2007-12-14

      G'day again.

      This is partly an update on my previous post and partly a plea for help.

      I have worked out how to add support for thermometer and dial plots to the CEWolf tag library and also worked out how to set any and all attributes with Post Processors.

      However, I cannot get embedded DatasetProducers or PostProcessors to work.
      If I compile free-standing classes for either, they work as expected but if I try to embed the same code into a jsp, I get:

      The type new ChartPostProcessor(){} must implement the inherited abstract method ChartPostProcessor.processChart(Object, Map)
      or the equivalent for DatasetProducers.

      Google tells me that this error is usually the result of mixing library versions but I don't believe that this is my case as I have built CEWolf from scratch.

      Surely if this were the case, the stand-alone classes would have the same problem.

      I am using Tomcat 5.5.12.

      I see that this is pretty much an FAQ but I don't see any answers.

      Cheers and thanks,
      Steephen Davies

    • Ulf Dittmer

      Ulf Dittmer - 2008-03-06

      Hello everyone-

      Just in case someone's interested, I've started to maintain (well, maybe that's too strong a word) a cewolf version that fixes a few of the reported bugs, and adds a couple of new features. In particular, it makes all cewolf objects serializable, and thus gets rid of the associated warnings/problems about non-serializable objects in the session. The -very slight, IMO- downside is that ChartPostProcessors now need to implement Serializable. It also includes the additions Stephen talked about in his post above (more chart types).

      It can be downloaded at http://www.ulfdittmer.com/code/cewolf.html

      If someone else has made changes they wouldn't mind to contribute, I'd be willing to take a stab at integrating those as well. Let me know if you have any questions.


      • Brian Fox

        Brian Fox - 2008-03-06

        That's great news. If you're interested, I can give you access to commit the changes directly to this project and perhaps perform a release.

    • Mark Campbell

      Mark Campbell - 2008-05-27

      I was excited at reading about an updated version of cewolf that used the latest JFreeChart with the additional meters.  But I get nothing when I go to the specified website.  Is it down?  Is the updated library still available anywhere?


      • Ulf Dittmer

        Ulf Dittmer - 2008-08-15

        The page and the library are still available at the very URL I posted; I have no problem accessing and downloading it. Maybe a temporary hiccup in your connectivity?

    • Ulf Dittmer

      Ulf Dittmer - 2008-10-22

      Brian recently added me to the project. I'm planning on checking in the version that I talked about in my post from March this year. While I'm not sure what new features I'll be able to add beyond that, I may fix reproducible bugs, and try to keep up with JFreeChart/JCommon.

      So, a new version of cewolf should be coming later this year.

    • Emil Borowiec

      Emil Borowiec - 2008-11-04

      Hi, I'm recently interested in Cewolf project, and I'm generally happy as a user. I would like to ask you guys what about box and whisker type charts? Are these not supported for some important reason? Or maby box and whisker plots are supported but I have missed something. If not, do you plan to fix it?

      Most probably I will just try to write the solution myself. In such case are you interested in the results (I could e-mail you the code)? Do you have some hints what should I take note of while writing the code?


      • Ulf Dittmer

        Ulf Dittmer - 2008-11-07

        Box and whisker charts are supported by JFreeChart, so the reason cewolf does not is most likely just that nobody has needed that or asked for it.

        I've been working on cewolf recently (and plan to release a new version later this year), but I have no plans for adding support for more chart types myself. I'd be happy to integrate code for that if you wrote it, though. Feel free to hit me with questions, preferably by email.

    • Eugen Yu

      Eugen Yu - 2008-12-12

      Hi Ulf,
      the tags currently produced by cewolf is not conform to xhtml.
      Is there a particular reason for doing so?
      And some of the tags did not close properly to make the tags well formed.

      I have checked out the codes, and I think the some tweaks on the
      de.laures.cewolf.taglib.html.AbstractHTMLBaseTag class may do the trick.

      Is cewolf still under LGPL? Cause in the cewolf-1.1-ulf file there is no license information.

      If the mentioned points are required. I would like to get involve in the project as well.
      - Eugen

      • Ulf Dittmer

        Ulf Dittmer - 2008-12-12

        > the tags currently produced by cewolf is not conform to xhtml.
        > Is there a particular reason for doing so?
        > And some of the tags did not close properly to make the tags well formed. 

        Most likely it never bothered anyone enough to fix it. I think validity is a worthwhile goal to strive for.

        > I think the some tweaks on the
        > class may do the trick.

        Excellent. If you send me the fixes I'll be happy to include them. Or if you have a test case, and some ideas on how to fix it, that would be cool too.

        > Is cewolf still under LGPL? Cause in the cewolf-1.1-ulf file there is no license information.

        Thanks for the hint, I'll include the license file in the distribution. The licensing hasn't changed; you can find the relevant info at the start of each source file.

        In the future, please use email for communication. These forums are not well suited for one-on-one communication.


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