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Cerebro 1.9-1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.9-1

-- Do not enable cerebrod daemon by default.

Posted by Albert Chu 2009-02-26

Cerebro 1.8-1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.8-1

-- Fix spec file build issue.

Posted by Albert Chu 2009-01-13

Cerebro 1.7-1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.7-1

-- Fix cerebrod race/crash corner case.

Posted by Albert Chu 2008-09-15

Cerebro 1.6-1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.6-1

-- Fix cerebrod initialization race.
-- Fix cerebrod error output messages.
-- Fix config file parsing corner case.
-- Fix documentation typos.

Posted by Albert Chu 2008-06-27

Cerebro 1.5-1 Released

-- Fix mem-corruption bug.

Posted by Albert Chu 2008-04-01

Cerebro 1.4-1 Released

minor release with various minor bug fixes

Posted by Albert Chu 2008-03-26

Cerebro 1.3-1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.3-1

-- Redo configuration file format for message listening and speaking.
-- Support message forwarding.
-- Support module versioning.

Posted by Albert Chu 2007-10-24

Cerebro 1.2-1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.2-1

-- Documentation updates

Posted by Albert Chu 2007-09-19

Cerebro 1.1 Released

Changes in cerebro-1.1

-- Allow cerebro to work on multiple subnets.
-- Added load average, memory, and network traffic metric modules.
-- Support event based monitoring.
-- Various bug fixes.

Posted by Albert Chu 2006-12-21