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CEP Development back on track. 1.0 Alpha release due Sept 12

After months of hashing out the CEP Component Model, and Event Life Cycle, CEP 1.0 Alpha is scheduled for release September 12th, 2004. Expected to be included in this release is:

- Stable Event Life Cycle
- Inclusion of new core class 'CEP_Library'
- Fully revised docs describing integrating CEP with popular Pear packages for Rapid Application Development
- Unit Tests for the Core Classes
- The CEP Component Model
- Port of cepDoAuth() to using the PEAR::AUTH package
- Driver System for supporting multiple template engines
and more to follow. CEP welcomes Entreprise minded developers, (especially PHP developers) to join in discussion at :... read more

Posted by Marcus Whitney 2004-08-26

CEP Overview Diagram

Marcus has created a great new relationship diagram that visually describes the CEP application framework/platform. If you ever wanted to spend 5 minutes and learn a little bit about CEP, this is a great tool.

Posted by Jackson Miller 2004-08-02

CEP running on PHP5

Thanks to the guys over at, we now have a couple of free PHP5 hosting accounts. Jaxn quickly hopped on the opportunity to get CEP up on a PHP server and it worked. See the install at:

Posted by Marcus Whitney 2004-03-25

CEP running on MySQL

A MySQL DB schema has been added to the repository. Now that the MySQL libraries are cool with PHP5 this is great news. As always, we encourage developers to checkout from CVS and give bug reports. Thanks.

Posted by Marcus Whitney 2004-03-25

CEP Project Launch

Jackson Miller and Marcus Whitney have collaborated to create an enterprise level framework for PHP developers that offers the flexibilty of PHP development methodologies while providing base classes for authentication, permissions, factory style module loading, exception handling and web services and CLI integration.

The framework is scheduled to have a 0.1 release January 3rd, 2004. In the meantime, you can look at for project updates, and for tutorials and discussion on the development of CEP.

Posted by Marcus Whitney 2003-11-26