CentraView Adopts New Open Source License

CentraView Adopts New Open Source License

The Company Chooses OSI Compliant Open Software License v2.1

Horsham, PA, May 10, 2005 CentraView, LLC, a leading provider of Open Source Centralized Business Management (CBM) software, including comprehensive Contact Management, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and much more, today announced they have adopted an Open Source Initiative (OSI) compliant license called the Open Software License v2.1.

CentraView has experienced early success with our previous Open Source initiatives, and we are now ready to jump in with both feet said Alan Rihm, CEO of CentraView. By eliminating our dual licensing strategy, and adopting an OSI compliant Open Source license, we anticipate wider scale community support and adoption of the CentraView CBM software. World class companies like RedHat, JBoss, and others have shown us how a successful Open Source strategy contributes to building significant momentum, delivering unparalleled customer value, engaging the developer community, and empowering the channel to create products and services around a project. The elimination of all software licensing fees and source code barriers provides CentraView with a significant competitive edge over inferior PHP based projects that tease you with some free code, but ultimately make you pay for a more full featured commercial version.

Details on the Open Software License v2.1 maybe found at www.centraview.com and http://www.opensource.org/licenses/osl-2.1.php.With this announcement, CentraView is contributing ALL their source code to the Open Source community. That includes code previously reserved only for commercial customers. The additional code enables synchronization between CentraView software and commonly used desktop Personal Information Managers (PIMs) such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop and Palm directly, PocketPC (through Outlook), and Blackberry. CentraView has partnered with CompanionLink for the desktop conduit, and a 3rd party fee is required to purchase the CompanionLink conduit. Synchronization includes all contacts, calendar and activities, as well as contact notes.

Another new CentraView Open Source contribution is a synchronization engine and client for Intuits' QuickBooks accounting software package. This project will enable synchronization between certain versions of QuickBooks and CentraView, and will provide a centralized view of virtually all customer information within CentraView. It will also help to reduce or eliminate the need to re-enter order, invoice, payment, expense, product and service information, and much more. Synchronization with other accounting packages is also planned. The QuickBooks Synchronization project is well under way, and the company has received many requests for this functionality.

Choosing an OSI compliant license also paves the way for CentraView to open a project on Sourceforge.net, a leading source for Open Source projects. Hosting the CentraView project on Sourceforge.net will provide greater visibility for the project, and provide community users and participants with a common repository and tool for downloading and contributing to the project. More information the Sourceforge.net launch will be provided within the next few weeks.

CentraView CBM Software

The CentraView Open Source Centralized Business Management software provides businesses with the ultimate centralized view of all customer and business information. So much more than just CRM and SFA, CentraView beats the competition by providing a greater business value, a scalable architecture, and a lower total cost of ownership than the competition. Through an intuitive browser-based interface, CentraView delivers unparalleled "out of the box" functionality, ease of use and limitless scalability. Built on the Enterprise Java (J2EE) platform and optimized for Linux and Windows environments, it leverages open source
technologies such as Linux (RedHat Enterprise and Fedora), Apache Tomcat, JBoss and MySQL.

The CentraView CBM software is unique among Open Source business software competitors. While many Open Source projects are built on glued together scripts, CentraView is designed from the ground up to offer a solid foundation on which to build your business. The software starts with a solid Enterprise Java (J2EE) architecture, and provides centralized contact management, communication (webmail) and collaboration (group calendaring and detailed activity tracking), centralized file management, marketing (list import and promotions management, literature and event management, mail merge for mass email and document creation), sales force automation (pipeline management, proposal creation), project management, customer relationship management including ticketing, frequently asked questions, and knowledge base, views into accounting and human resources, a customer portal, synchronization capability with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm and PocketPC (through Outlook), and more. CentraView also has plans to release a project that will allow CentraView to synchronize with 3rd party software like QuickBooks and Microsoft Great Plains, among others.For a demo of CentraView software or more information about CentraView products, services and partner programs, please visit www.centraview.com. Open Source downloads are available now by clicking Download via the CentraView website.

About CentraView, LLC

CentraView, LLC, a leading Open Source Centralized Business Management (CBM) software which includes contact management, sales force automation (SFA), customer relationship management (CRM) and much more. CentraView delivers unparalleled "out of the box" functionality, ease of use, and limitless scalability built on the Enterprise Java (J2EE) platform.

CentraView software enables businesses and service providers of all sizes to extend relationships with their customers by delivering access to a high value application their customers need while driving profitable recurring revenue. Built by a highly skilled software development team with extensive service provider experience, CentraViews software offers businesses of all sizes a centralized view of all of their customer and business information through one intuitive browser-based interface. For more information, please visit www.centraview.com.

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