Email Issues

  • Tareef Allah

    Tareef Allah - 2005-08-15

    On the email module, the folders are not visible and it will get stick for a while checking for new mail even when there is one new email that is small in size.


    • Kevin McAllister

      I have gotten some reports recently of people not seeing folders, but have been unable to replicate, what browser are you using?

      also the checking mail works like this.

      When you click checkmail it spawns a thread on the server and returns you to the screen.  so you don't click it again, there is that red "checking mail ... " instead of a button.  every 30 seconds (I think) the screen refreshes using the META-REFRESH tag, when it refreshes it checks if that thread is still alive, if it is, it shows the "checking mail..." if not it shows you the button again.

      So if it takes more time to check mail then it takes to process the JSP tile that has the checking mail button on it, you will see it as checking mail for at least 30 seconds.  Even though it has already finished.  The good news is, once you click check mail, you can go do whatever else you want in the system and it will continue to check mail in the background.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am using both Firefox and IE 6.

      When my installaiton checks mail, it will take hours. Like right now, it's 2:02p, the last message in the CV email mod is at 12:21, I have 5 new messags. and it is still saying 'Checking email'. I have a decent number of messages in my inbox, roughly 1600, and I have it to check email every 5 minutes.

      Any ideas?

      • Kevin McAllister

        most likely it is taking nearly 5 minutes to check your mail each time?  So it appears to always be checking mail.  Try increasing your time between checks to 15 or 30 minutes.

        I know pop access is generally pretty fast, and imap is fast after the initial check is complete.  The CV needs to get a copy of all the message UIDs in it's data base and that seems to take a while.

    • Tareef Allah

      Tareef Allah - 2005-08-24

      Thanks for the reply. I went as far as to set it to never and manually check. It still takes forever. I am using IMAP.



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