#195 issue w/mysql v5

v 2.1.1
General (18)

once started jboss and login into application a simple
list on contacts gives non records found (while
available on demo db) and jboss log gives:

ERROR [CVDal] [executeUpdate][Failed Query]: CREATE
TEMPORARY TABLE entitylist SELECT e.EntityID, e.Name AS
EntityName, e.list AS dbid, e.accountManagerId,
CONCAT(ami.firstName, ' ', ami.lastName) AS
AccountManager, pci.IndividualID, CONCAT(pci.FirstName,
' ', pci.LastName) AS Name, mocphone.content AS Phone,
mocemail.content AS Email, a.WebSite, a.Street1,
a.Street2, a.City, a.State, a.Zip, a.Country,
CONCAT(a.Street1, ' ', a.Street2, ' ', a.City, ' ',
a.State, ' ', a.Zip, ' ', a.Country) AS Address,
mocphone.Content AS Fax FROM entity AS e , listfilter
AS lf LEFT OUTER JOIN individual AS pci ON (e.entityid
= pci.entity AND pci.primaryContact = 'YES') LEFT OUTER
JOIN individual AS ami ON (ami.individualId =
e.accountManagerId) LEFT OUTER JOIN addressrelate AS ar
ON (e.entityId = ar.contact AND ar.isPrimary = 'YES'
AND ar.contactType = 1) LEFT OUTER JOIN address AS a ON
(ar.address = a.addressId) LEFT OUTER JOIN
methodofcontact AS mocphone ON (mocphone.mocId = 0)
LEFT OUTER JOIN methodofcontact AS mocemail ON
(mocemail.mocId = 0) WHERE 1=1 AND e.entityId = lf
.entityId ORDER BY 2 ASC LIMIT 0, 100
java.sql.SQLException: Unknown column 'e.entityid' in
'on clause'

This error (same on win and linux) seems to be
depending on mysql v5 which requires a different sintax
on JOINS (as resulting from mysql support).

Any fix ?


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