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Example project is now included in source

An example web project of how to use the Celestum Framework has now been started and included in the source file archive. Please note that the project is still under development along with the framework, so any changes will be reflected in the new releases.

Posted by Christopher Har 2007-08-18

Project name changed to: Celestum

'Cyanus' is the internal code for the ORM engine. However, due to the expansion of the projects, now it consists not just an ORM engine, but other modules such as Cache, Emit Framework, a proposed Collection Framework, and more in the future.

Therefore, a name changed is actioned. Now, the term 'Celestum' is used to represent the compositions of the above modules. This is a milestone of the project, and its growth.

Posted by Christopher Har 2007-07-31

Documentation is on the way!

I have now started the documentaion of the project. Along side with the development, the documentation may be added/changed accordingly. Therefore, please visit the 'Documentaion' section from the menu frequently.

Posted by Christopher Har 2007-07-26