Hi Fridger,

Celestia.Sci is an interesting project.

However that does not change the fact that the Celestia forum is an invaluable resource that needs to be preserved (not only for the users/developers of Celestia but also apparently for the users/developers of Celestia.Sci).

I am more interested in the Solar System and space mission visualization so I would probably move to Cosmographia ( http://code.google.com/p/cosmographia/ ) but it is still in early development.

My main concern at the moment would be making sure Celestia is not forgotten. For this we may just need to make a release with the QT4 GUI (current version seems stable enough). Most Linux distribution still ship 1.6.1 and without Spice support. I was thinking of using the OpenSuse Build Service if I find the time to make packages for many distributions. I would also include latest patches proposed on the mailing list, including 2 I proposed:
- support for theora video recording in QT4 GUI
- support for more DE4XX ehemerides, support for INPOP ephemerides (this one didn't make it into the SVN)

Ideally I would also like to move it to QT5 (longer support, native Wayland support), but I won't find the time.

By the way, where are the sources of Celestia.Sci? Shouldn't you make it easier to find them if you want to attract more developers?

Do you intend to keep all features of Celestia in Celestia.Sci or do you plan on getting rid of functionalities such as spacecraft trajectory visualization (not related to "deep space/cosmology")? Similarly is it only targeted to astrophysics students/researchers or also to the general public?

Thank you,


On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 6:30 PM, Fridger Schrempp <fridger.schrempp@desy.de> wrote:
Hi Bernard,

how about having a look at our CelestialMatters (CM) site, http://forum.celestialmatters.org/.

 Actually, most serious former members of shatters.net are meanwhile registered there. CM is also the (temporary) home of the **celestia.Sci** development, lead by myself.

Here is an "executive summary" about the aims and achievements of **celestia.Sci** that I wrote already some time ago: http://forum.celestialmatters.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=473

We do need further dedicated and competent developers!

The scope of celestia.Sci is much enlarged beyond Celestia, notably via Deep Space and Cosmology simulation aspects. An interesting configuration in our team  is that Dawoon Jung (aka DW) currently writes his Master Thesis about Lensing phenomena embedded into the celestia.Sci code. He is a graduate student at the International Space University ISU) in Strasbourg/France and officially supervised by me and another Professor from ISU. So you see such things are also possible around celestia.Sci. DW already carries a Bachelor degree in scientific computing and was also a longtime member of the former Celestia Development.


On 03/03/2014 06:46 PM, Bernard GODARD wrote:
Dear all,

As you are probably aware, the Celestia website ( 216.­231.­48.­101/­celestia/ , previously  shatters.net/celestia) ­has been unreachable in the past weeks.

The celestia forum is an invaluable resource and it would be sad if its content was lost.

Do you know the reasons for the site being unavailable?

If the problem is just finding an hosting platform, we could try to set up an account at one of the free hosting service for free projects (such as tuxfamily). I am willing to help with this, however, I don't have a copy of the forum data. Can anyone do something about this?

Thank you,

Kind regards,

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