Hey Fridger,
I see this behavior in 1.6.0 that was downloaded and installed. I also see this in SVN version 5136 built with VS C++ Express. When you use CNTL + right click and move the touchpad, I can still see M 74 rotating but it looks like the Milky Way gets rendered too.

If you stop the mouse movement while the screen is filled in with the Milky Way galaxy, then click on it, the information text for Milky Way comes up on the left upper corner.

One thing about 1.6.0. It does not save bookmarks after the program closes. It's there as long as it's running but after I restart it, the bookmark is no longer there in 1.6.0. Does this have something to do with it being installed in Program Files(x86)? SVN ver 5136 doesn't have this problem but that wasn't installed. It's in it's build location in Documents\celestia\build\celestia.

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From: Fridger Schrempp <fridger.schrempp@desy.de>
Subject: [Celestia-developers] Windows Bug in trunk triggered by Bookmarks
To: celestia-developers@lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Sunday, February 13, 2011, 10:52 AM

Here is another nasty bug that is confined to Windows. I guess that this bug also exists in the 1.6.1 branch...

I have specifically studied it using

Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit. The building of SVN r. 5136 was done with VS 2010 Express.

With the observer in the solar system, dial e.g. the galaxy M 74 via the command line, center it (by hittting the C key) and then zoom in  until it fills a major part of the canvas, using SHIFT+mouse movement.

At that point, the key 'CNTRL+mouse movement' does NOT allow to modify the distance to the galaxy appreciably. Only rotations of the galaxy are possible by  means of CNTRL+mouse movement.
That's as it should be, as long as the observer is far away from the galaxy (i.e. in our solar system).

Now comes description of the bug:

Let me enter M 74 into the bookmarks menue via 'add bookmark'.  
As soon as one approaches M 74 again /by clicking the bookmark/ entry, changing the distance via CNTRL+mouse movement is now UNBLOCKED  and rotation via  CNTRL+mouse movement goes crazy!
When trying to rotate the galaxy via CNTRL+mouse movement, the galaxy jumps all over the place and other neighboring galaxies vanish suddenly (should be obvious why).

Whenever a DSO object is dialled via the command line (rather than via clicking a bookmark) the bug is absent!

This bug is NOT present in celestia-KDE that uses the KDE bookmark management. Also it is absent in Celestia-Qt for Windows 7. I have not explicitly tested celestia-gtk and celestia-gnome, yet.
I think what happened is that the Windows bookmarks don't remember whether the observer was  in the solar system such that the distance adjustment  via CNTRL+mouse movement has to be blocked and only rotations are allowed.


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