I have been providing the minor moon and numberedmoons in the svn executables at my web site. If it is alright I'll take the minormoon files out of the package and provide a link to these files instead or are you going to commit them to svn? In the case of the latter I'll add these 5 files after they are commited.

Chris Laurel <> wrote:
Now that the minormoon and dwarfplanet classes are implemented, here's
an update of solarsys.ssc, outersys.ssc, asteroids.ssc,
minormoons.ssc, and numberedmoons.ssc:

The classes of Pluto, Eris, and Ceres were changed to dwarfplanet.
Most of the moons in minormoons.ssc and numberedmoons.ssc were demoted
to the class minormoon, with the exceptions suggested by Andrew in
this forum post:

Also, I left Nix and Hydra as major moons, simply because with just
three moons, there's no need to control clutter in the Pluto system.

I like being able to see visualize the overall character of
planet-moon systems without the clutter of dozens of minor moon
orbits. Yet I admit it still feels odd to see an object like Skathi
listed as a major moon of Saturn. Anyone else care to venture and
opinion on this not-really-so-important issue?


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