As of R4206, the vcproj file did not have the 3 new files. I had to add them in manually when I built it. Please disregard if you added them in after.

Chris Laurel <> wrote:
I checked in the new reference mark code. The front-ends need to be
modified to use it, otherwise reference vectors won't work any more.
In order to avoid breaking the build, I left the old reference mark
methods in place even though they don't do anything. I took care of
updating Qt4, Win32, and Mac OS X front ends. In addition to fixing
the existing reference marks, I added an option to show the
planetographic grid. There are two other reference marks that are only
available in the Qt4 interface now: the spin vector, which shows the
instantaneous angular momentum vector, and a body-to-body arrow. The
body-to-body arrow is used to show an arrow from on object to the
center of its reference frame. Among other uses, it was incredibly
helpful while debugging the new rotation models.

The reference mark changelist also included fixes for a couple of bugs
with ssc Replace. A previous change of mine introduced a problem in
which replacing an object would delete all of it's child objects.
Another side affect caused objects to get rearranged within a solar
system so that pressing the number keys to select a planet no longer
worked as expected. I checked and verified that both of these problems
are now gone.

There are three new files in the project: referencemark.h,
planetgrid.h, and planetgrid.cpp. I added these to all of the project
and makefiles:, engine.mak,, the Xcode
project, and the Visual Studio project file. The sooner we can
eliminate some of these, the better.

At some point, we should add the capability to add and remove
reference marks via script.

DW: There were a couple conflicts with the HDR stuff in render.cpp.
The source of the conflict is that the renderBodyAxes,
renderSunDirection, and renderVelocity methods are all gone now,
replaced by the single method renderReferenceMark. It looks pretty
easy to resolve.


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