I think it's a good idea to make spice_support and (possibly) theora_support optional, using qmake's transparent CONFIG mechanism. What struck my eye in your patch was that you were using /usr/local/ as a hard-coded location for the spice library in Linux.

I do know a number of experienced Linux users who "hate" /usr/local, much preferring to populate /opt with custom software beyond the distro. Let me therefore suggest that we could easily make the location of spice optional as well or couple it with the chosen PREFIX variable.


PS: I wonder if it might me less error prone and less time consuming for testers,  to attach the entire modified files,  e.g.,  instead of the respective diffs. For example, you did not specify which reference files you took in your various diffs. SF grants us 40kB per mail, such that single files can be easily  submitted as attachments.

On 04/16/2012 11:14 PM, Nils Larsson wrote:

Attached patch makes SPICE support optional, so one can enable it with:
qmake CONFIG+=spice_support
and disable it with:
qmake CONFIG-=spice_support

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