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Celestia builds under x64 quite as good, as some of you reported.
This statement ranges between misleading and incorrect. The essential question is, of course, what do you get after compiling celestia with the x64 switch! It cannot be a true 64 bit binary for a number of reasons. Even ignoring some missing 64 bit code adaptations of Celestia itself, one would need a special 64 bit build of the external libraries (in windows/), which does not exist so far. Furthermore, a 64 bit version of the Qt library does not exist either.

Apart from all this, I have never heard of a successful compilation of celestia with the x64 mode activated.
Anyway here is my proposal concerning the VS2010 paragraph of how the
new text could look like:

It is possbile to build Celestia with Visual Studio 2010 Express
Edition, but since there is no Visual Studio 2010 solution checked into
the subversion you have to look out for a few more possible problems.

# In the Visual Studio Express Edition x64 compilers are not included.
# The WebInstaller of the Visual Studio thus logically only installs the
x86 tool chain from the Windows SDK.
# This means that if you want to build Celestia for x64 you need to get
the Windows Software Development Kit that can be installed separately.
# Depending on your OS (XP, Vista or Windows 7 and either 32 or 64 bit)
you will have to get a different Windows SDK.

'''Conversion of project file'''

To get the current SVN Celestia project file to run under VS2010 is
needs to be converted. This conversion is automatically started when you
open the project file in VS2010.
* VS2010 will convert the previous version's project files into VS2010
* If you have only the 32 bit version of the SDK installed you will get
an error message about failed to upgrade to x64 and the project will not
be converted.
* There are a few methods to get around that problem.
# Install the x64 Windows SDK.
# If you don't want/need the x64 SDK you can edit out the x64 parts of
the project files before conversion.
# Another method found on
MSDN forums]:
<source lang="text">if you don't actually need to build the x64
platform, instead of hand-editing the .vcproj file to remove x64 references
(which is awkward and error-prone), you can just make a copy of the
Win32 platform.

Under %ProgramFiles%\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Platforms, copy the
"Win32" folder and rename the copy to "x64".</source>

The best solution to be sure not to get any errors or broken program
files is installing the Windows SDK.

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