On 03/31/2012 03:33 PM, Nils Larsson wrote:
lördagen den 31 mars 2012 13:45:56 skrev  Fridger Schrempp:
...Today I upgraded to lua 5.2 without seing any
immediate problems so far.
Curious, do you mean you got celestia to run without any problems? or did you 
get it to compile without any problems?
I hope you noted that my corresponding statement about Lua 5.2 had a strongly preliminary character.

After installation of the Lua 5.2 library, I tested things with about 10 different celx scripts from Celestia  without encountering manifest problems. But problems do occur upon re-compiling, as I indicated already 
in one of my preceeding mails:
1) I have tentatively adapted to include the latest lua 5.2 sources in 'thirdparty'. However, this does require some C++ code modifications as well. Hence I put this task on ice before our opinions  about such an approach have settled.

A first general issue concerns LUA_GLOBALSINDEX, which in Lua 5.2 no longer exists. Instead, it has lua_setglobal() and lua_getglobal(). Proper replacement strategies are  widely discussed in the net.
Instead of lua_settable(L,LUA_GLOBALSINDEX) one may  use lua_setglobal(L,T::className);. That works in both Lua 5.1 and 5.2. I am currently investigating this issue.

Perhaps Pat is already further ahead with this, since he wrote
As a side note, I have lua-5.2 on my system;