On 01/25/2011 11:50 PM, Pat Suwalski wrote:
On 25/01/11 05:26 PM, Andrew Tribick wrote:
The resultant celestia command only works if my current directory is
the same as the directory where I have the source code, otherwise it
puts up a message box "Error reading configuration file" and exits
with a segmentation fault. Looks like the qt version is not setting up
the correct directory search in the resultant binary. This does not
affect the other versions of the build. Install appears to copy the
files to the install directory fine.
BTW, I don't get the time icons showing up in the first 6-or-so buttons 
in the toolbar, do you? I'm verifying that the resource file is being 
compiled in both GNU make and qmake, but the buttons are blank for me...

I am getting the time icons (they are not all that conspicuous, actually) . The code is compiled with Qt-4.7.2 and the corresponding Qt-creator 2.094. I have no problems with the configuration file,  once celestia-qt is properly installed in /usr/local/bin. Qt-creator always finds that file as well when I start celestia-qt from there.


I wonder if it's because the graphics are large? I know that in Qt 4.5 
(or 4.6) they introduced the concept of several sizes of icons; if one 
doesn't match, maybe it doesn't show it at all?

At the moment, I'm most interested in getting 1.6.1 out.


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