#250 GTK+ ui is not i18n/l10n-fiendly

UI - GTK (6)

Author of GTK+ ui forgot to add _()/N_() support to it. My patch fixes that issue.


  • Hleb Valoshka

    Hleb Valoshka - 2010-11-24

    I've changed attached file, cause it was incorrect in one place of src/celestia/gtk/menu-context.cpp ("Sol" sh'ld be as is)

  • StrPt

    StrPt - 2014-12-18

    Chris, hi,
    Please apply patch and update POT files.

    Last edit: StrPt 2014-12-18
  • AlexL

    AlexL - 2015-07-28
    This patch does not work with:
    1) "comments", _(FRONTEND " Front-End"),
    2) sprintf(message, _("Version " VERSION "\n%s"), text);
    - these strings are untranslated anyway.
    I generated new POT file and you can see this issue.
    #: src/celestia/gtk/splash.cpp:128
    #, c-format
    msgid "Version "
    msgstr ""
    #: src/celestia/gtk/actions.cpp:729
    msgid " Front-End"
    msgstr ""
  • AlexL

    AlexL - 2015-07-28

    An update for Russian translation after this patch.
    Please put ru.po into po directory with POT file above.

  • AlexL

    AlexL - 2015-07-28

    The next patch fixes showing Control and Licence with according locale.


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