#238 Squares drawn around Nebula positions

Selden Ball

Celestia v1.6.0 draws spurious yellow-green squares around the positions of Nebula DSC objects.

The squares appear whenever any of the four DSC rendering options are selected (Galaxies, Globulars, Open Clusters or Nebulae), although Nebula Meshes are correctly drawn only when the rendering of Nebula objects is enabled.

This problem can be seen by using the following DSC Nebula definition. It causes a square to be drawn around Betelgeuse. The squares are drawn whether or not a cmod model file exists.

Nebula "betel"
Mesh "spherefix.cmod"
RA 5.919530
Dec 7.407064
Distance 497.96

Radius 100


  • Chris Laurel

    Chris Laurel - 2009-07-17

    The squares are supposed to be a feature. They ndicate the area covered by the nebulae. They are only present when nebula labels are enabled. Do we need yet another render flag to indicate whether symbols for deep sky objects should be visible?

  • Selden Ball

    Selden Ball - 2009-07-17

    Sorry, somehow I must have overlooked the addition of this feature.

    Yes, I do think that DSC "border" symbols do need to be separately selectable.
    In the case of Nebulae in particular, the boxes can be quite large and overlapping, causing significant visual confusion.


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