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#181 Children of Invisibles not in Solar System Browser

Unified UI

In 1.5.0pre1 it was possible to see Invisible objects and sub-ordinate objects in the Solar System browser.
Since the, in trying to reduce clutter in the SSB, these Invisibles (and ReferencePoints) are no longer browsable.
However, in removing the Invisibles, the children also disappear from the browser.

These can now only be found by means of the ENTER menu, (which means they can only be found if their names are known to the user).

I think a way needs to be found to allow selected invisibles and ReferencePoints (or at least their sub-ordinate objects) to be browsable in the SS browser.

1. For most invisibles (which are just used for technical reasons to construct spacecraft and their components) it's probably good enough to show the object, but hide the placeholder.

2. For certain invisibles (eg. Lagrange Points) it's probably more appropriate to show them in the browser as well, because they have meaning and importance as "locations" in their own right and will likely in the future be parent to many children. -- IMO anyway ;-)

I suggested a "browse" property in this post:
... perhaps that's the solution.


  • chuft-captain

    chuft-captain - 2008-02-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> cjlaurel
  • Chris Laurel

    Chris Laurel - 2008-09-12

    Postponing this until we have a unified UI for all platforms. It doesn't affect anything in the standard package or (as far as I know) publicly available add-ons. There is also a workaround: the parent object need not be the same as the frame center. This is why Pluto still shows up in the Solar System Browser, even though it orbits the Pluto-Charon Barycenter reference point: the parent object of Pluto is the Sun rather than the barycenter. If this workaround is adequate, I'll mark the bug "will not fix" and close it.

  • Chris Laurel

    Chris Laurel - 2008-09-12
    • milestone: --> Unified UI
  • Chris Laurel

    Chris Laurel - 2008-09-16
    • status: open --> open-postponed
  • chuft-captain

    chuft-captain - 2009-01-13

    I'm not sure yet whether the work-around used for Pluo will work in the scenarios I envisage. I'll have to get back on that after some more testing and design Chris.


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