#144 Time limited to year +/-9999 in time box


There's a limitation in the Time dialog box which doesn't accept any year greater/lower than +/-9999. It's inconsistent with the fact that we can now accelerate time up to 2 billion years in the future or in the past !

And the time reversing when we reach the limit is annoying and confusing : going to the last year brings suddenly the user to a negative year, far away in the past. When the user reaches the last year (it should be a round date like 2 000 000 000, so the user could easily interpret what is going on), Celestia should simply stop all motions. Vincent already have done some coding to do this. Currently, Celestia doesn't behave in a consistent and easy to inerpret way.


  • Chris Laurel

    Chris Laurel - 2007-12-23

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    I consider the time dialog box date limits a low priority since there are so few (no?) phenomena simulated in Celestia with any real accuracy beyond a few thousand years from the present. It will be fixed in the future; I think we can defer the fix until we have a unified UI, so we don't spend our time developing four different set date/time dialogs.

    Clamping the year to +/- 2 billion is something we can and should do very soon. We should open a separate bug for that.

  • vincent

    vincent - 2008-01-03

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    The following change clamps the simulation time to year +/- 2 billion (+-2000000000 Jan 01 12:00:00 UTC):


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