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Crystal Space: Only $400 missing for Linux Computer!

Crystal Space is an Open Source 3D Engine for Linux, MacOS/X, and Windows. We support many modern features (vertex and fragment shaders, stencil shadows, lightmaps, physics, skeletal animation, scripting, ...).

For some time now we are running a donation campaign to try to raise a bit of money for a new computer that would help us develop Crystal Space on Linux and also improve Crystal Space development in general (i.e. it would give us easy access to valgrind again which is an extremely useful tool to debug problems in any kind of program). At this moment we're only $400 (USD) short of the required money for the computer we have in mind. If you want to help us with this goal then you can visit the Project Donations page ( for more details about possible ways to donate to us or you can go directly to the Crystal Space Donations Page at (requires PayPal or payment through credit card). ... read more

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2005-09-27

CEL Homapage Moved

The CEL homepage has moved to the Crystal Space homepage for easier maintenance and to stress that these two projects really belong together.

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2005-03-11

First Release of CEL (0.96r001)

Here is the first release of CEL (Crystal Entity Layer). The version number has been set to 0.96r001 to indicate that this version of CEL is compatible with Crystal Space 0.96.

CEL is not finished but already very usable. It is currently being used by the PlaneShift project (


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2003-02-11

Status Report for CEL

Although there appears to be little activity here and on the CEL homepage the CEL project is still very alive. The PlaneShift project ( is now actively using CEL both on the client and the server.

I consider CEL to be ready for usage in other projects. There are still a lot of property classes to implement for additional game behaviour but the basic framework is ready and games can always implement their own property classes to complement what is missing.... read more

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2002-06-06

Started coding on CEL

With the new release of Crystal Space 0.90 I now started actual coding on CEL. You can find non-functional (but compiling) source code in the cvs repository.

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2001-10-24

New Crystal Entity Layer Project

Welcome to the new Crystal Entity Layer project. The goal of this project is to make an entity layer on top of the Crystal Space ( 3D engine. The entity system will be based on the Dreams Eternal entity system ( but it will be generalized a lot. We plan to make the Python scripting part optional for example. I also made the first version of the CEL homepage. There is a design document there but it needs to be generalized (it is a copy from the Dreams Eternal design document).... read more

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2001-07-19